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We rarely take time out of our busy schedules to sit back and treat ourselves for a few minutes. Take the time to unwind, draw yourself a soothing hot bath in our Bath House .You’ll emerge totally relaxed and refreshed, ready to face another day! The bath house gives you the opportunity to escape the stress, cleanse your body of toxins, relax your mind and leave you feeling wonderfully refreshed and rejuvenated. Here you will soothe mind, body and spirit. Health and pleasure — that’s what you get while visiting Bath House Alexandra.

All the conveniences are considered in details in our Bath House. For example, the soft cover ensures that the floor in the bath is not at all slippery. All entertainments are located in such a way so as to provide peace of mind to parents, who can watch their children playing without having to worry.

In the spacious and comfortable rest rooms quests can relax and order soft drinks. Guests can also have fun in the hotel pool, play billiard with friends and enjoy the variety of activities, listen to the music or do karaoke.

Hotel’s recreation facilities are always at your disposal.